High performance feed ingredients:

The Black Soldier Fly provides 5 high performance ingredients

Illucens Protein

Insects have always been a natural part of animal diets. Illucens insect-based feed is the perfect ingredient for farm animals, pet food and aquafeed. The highly nutritional profile promotes better animal growth and development. Vitamin B12 is among the benefits which improves the nervous system and prevents diseases.
Great source of iron, zinc, fiber, and vitamin B12
Essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids
Antioxidants that provide better performance

Illucens Lipids

Our insect-based lipids are a natural source of high-value fatty acids. We extract these lipids from the black soldier fly larvae in a patented process that preserves all of its high quality nutrients. The nutritional profile provides improved digestibility, making Illucens lipids the perfect supplement for robust growth. This tasty product offers a wide range of applications including aquaculture, poultry, pigs and pet food.
High value fatty acid profile, vitamins and minerals
Boosted energy levels
Enhanced digestive system

Illucens Dry Larvae

Poultry can be found naturally picking worms and larvae from the ground, so why don’t we feed them just that? Illucens dry larvae is protein-rich and has a vast source of calcium. The black soldier fly contains 50 times more calcium than mealworms, making it a tasty all-natural solution that boosts the immune system and improves growth.
Highly valuable content of protein, fat and calcium
Natural feed for poultry and fish
Tasty experience that will keep animals craving for more

Illucens Puree

Illucens Puree is the perfect addition to make your pet food extremely tasty. It contains a high percentage of fats, proteins and minerals which increases digestibility and leaves pets craving every bite. In addition it gives a great energy boost and improves taste. The highly digestible Puree is produced under the strictest quality standards using Illucens patented zero-waste technology.
Highly valuable amino acid and fatty acid profiles
Easily digestible
Superior palatability

Illucens Soil

Illucens Soil provides plants with important nutrients needed for strong growth. The pronounced content of minerals and chitin increases plant mass, growth and yield. Our Soil Enhancer is made from the by-products of rearing the black soldier fly larvae, whereby all production flows are used to support a transition to a circular economy.
Healthier and happier plants
Strong content of minerals and chitin
Fully natural and sustainable with no added chemicals

Benefits of the black soldier fly

The black soldier fly larvae is the missing piece to fix our broken food system. By turning organic side streams into high performance protein, this tiny insect can improve an animal's gut health, digestive and immune system. It is a natural feed for many animals and it leaves an extremely low ecological footprint.
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